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San Vito, Enogastronomic and Nature

If you are searching a residence of sea in the most authentic Sicily, San Vito Lo Capo is the ideal place.

Popular seaside resort, known for its crystal clear sea, with a beautiful beach, considered by Legambiente “ the most beautiful of Italy “ in 2015, or rather Cala Bue Marino, in the area of Isulidda on the coast of the village of Makari.

In addition to the beautiful landscapes San Vito Lo Capo also has a culinary tradition of excellence, this year awarded by the magazine “ Cronache di Gusto “, that it wanted to confer in 2016 the award “ Best City for the offer enogastronomica on the territory “.

In San Vito Lo Capo the pleasure of good food never fails.

San Vito Lo Capo is renowned for a typical confectionery product of artisan ice cream, called “ Caldo Freddo “.

In a small terracotta bowl fits a biscuit soaked of liquor, so much ice cream and cream.

The compound is then covered with hot melted dark chocolate.

From the union of these ingredients, hot and cold, the Caldo Freddo originates its name.

This year , the season of events, starts May 26 with the eighth edition of the International Kite Festival, an event that will take on the large beach of San Vito a myriad of kites of different shapes: kites made of leaves and rice paper, with drawings that refer to the flora and fauna.

The program is very rich, there will be a competition of stunt kites, which will dance on the musical notes of the songs chosen by the event participants.

Folklore, faith and tradition will return on June 15 for the party of the Patron San Vito Martire.

Great love and great admiration binds the navy of the village of San Vito Lo Capo to its Saint Patron.

The fishermen’s Festival began in the early afternoon with the traditional game of “ Antenna a mare “.

It is a pole long 10 M, suspended over the water, in which at the end of the pole there is the flag that the winner will have to take.

During the night, the procession goes for the streets of the town.

Starts for San Vito another unforgettable summer.