The Butterfly Queen

Favignana crowned by TripAdvisor queen of the most popular seaside resorts.

The largest islands of the Egadi archipelago has won one of travelers’ Choice TM Islands 2016 awards, determined by an algorithm, based on the quantity and the quality of reviews and scores of hotels, attractions and restaurants, from around the world in the last 12 months.

Wild and intriguing, surrounded in a crystal clear sea. 


The island of Favignana never disappoints.

The beauty of the island are integrated by cultural initiatives, artistic initiatives and gastronomic initiatives like the first “ Festival of the Sicilian Cannolo “, june 4, and the only Festival Florio that it will perform from 17 to 26 june, considered one of the most important art Festival of Sicily, awarded in 2015 as one of the most prestigious festivals at European level with “ Effe Label “. 


The Festival, organized by the Association Kymbala, with the patronage of the Public of Favignana, of the Sicily Region and of the Marine Protected Area, has scheduled events ranging from classical music to jazz, from prose to silent film, from Enogastronomia to meetings with the authors.

The theme of the Festival will be this year the ProgettOdissea, or rather an integral of reading of all the books of the Odyssey, in which, as it was for Ulisse, will face the issues of Migration, of Homeland and of the Travel; is absolutely a national First.


Another must-see attraction that comes back after years in Favignana is the rite of “ Mattanza of the tunas “.

In fact the beautiful butterfly of the Egadi will be revived this year the Tonnara ( tuna ), with a unique show in the island.

The mattanza is an old tuna fishing method. 


If you want watch the mattanza, you can do it directly from the fishing boats.

This tuna-fishing process is led by chief: the Rais.

And is the Rais who takes the word of all, when to start and when to end the mattanza, and it is always he who gave the orders to the boats.

The favignanesi fishermen, led by Rais Salvatore Spataro, are preparing all the necessary for restore life to this wonderful local tradition.

The tuna that are caught will be immediately released, with the approval of the environmentalists.

The island of Favignana gives as always natural wonders, with shows and attractions.

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