Gaia Coast

San Vito Lo Capo, Riserva dello Zingaro and Castellammare del Golfo, are part of the coastal landscape of the Sicilian Costa Gaia.

San Vito Lo Capo is a village framed by white beach, crystal clear water of a sea of changing colors, the harmony of colored hibiscus and oleander plants that blend with the scents of jasmine and cous-cous.

The favorable climate, the beauty and variety of the coastline and beaches, the warm sea, the presence of unpolluted waters, make San Vito one of the most popular tourist destinations of Sicily.

The heart of town is Piazza Santuario and street Savoia, full of shops and clubs.

The landscape of San Vito is framed by a cobalt blue sea.

Macari, perched on a ridge overlooking of the Golfo of Monte Cofano, it is open to a scenario that hasn’t equal: the sea is nestled between the imposing mass of Monte Cofano and the cliffs of Cala Mancina.

Instead, who desire to immerse themselves in a timeless nature, where past and present merge harmoniously, must absolutely visit the Riserva dello Zingaro.

The Riserva Naturale Orientata dello Zingaro present a territory consisting of cliffs that descend rapidly towards the sea.

The reserve is home to about 670 different plant species, some of which are rare.

From the south entrance it undertake the coastal path, the more beaten, long 7 km and walkable about 2 hours.

Further you have the visitor center, home to a small museum of nature and then you can see the 2 beautiful coves covered with pebbles of Punta Capreria.

Right after in Uzzo district, you can visit the cave of Uzza of archeological interest.

And before going out we can dive into yet beautiful cove near the exit.

Along the next 3 km you meet the reliefs of Monte Speziale and Pizzo dell’Aquila, then it goes down to Borgo Cosenza where you reach the other paths.

And finally the last stage of the natural beauty of Costa Gaia path we find the town of Castellammare del Golfo.

The coast of Castellammare del Golfo includes sandy stretches and rocky stretches.

The beach “La Playa” is the largest beach of Castellammare del Golfo.

Within the city is situated Cala Petrolo and the small beach of the marina, near the port.

Continuing along this stretch of coast, looking back you always have a way to see the country.

Beyond the “Porta” you have a small bay called Vucciria, with its caves, and to follow you have the “Fossa dello Stinco”.

The white rocks continue beyond Punta Falconera in the next cave called “Cala Bianca”.

Followed, in order: Punta del Grottaro – Cala Rossa – Punta Gran Marinaro – Pizzo di Ia ‘Gna Cara – Baia di Guidaloca – Puntazza – Vruca – Creta – Arbi – la tonnara di Scopello – Cala Muschi – Baia Luce – Punta Pispisa – Cala dell’Ovo – Cala Mazzo di Sciacca.

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